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Empire Elevator Co., Inc., serving the elevator needs of greater Northern California, can be your elevator provider as well.  Call, email or write the professionals of Empire for more information or a quotation for services.  Thank you for your interest.


Empire Elevator Co., Inc. specializes in the installation of new elevators, especially in unique or custom conditions.  Whether you're building a new facility or renovating and existing structure, we can design, engineer, build and install elevators to meet your specific needs.  We bring to the project the finest products available, typically domestically manufactured, to build the perfect integrated system. 

Non-Proprietary.  We only use non-proprietary components and systems.  This will allow you the freedom to select your elevator maintenance provider.  All of the international elevator companies insist on providing their own brand of elevator controls, door equipment, fixtures, etc.  With their equipment, you are most likely wedded to that same company for continuing maintenance as they make it very difficult (expensive) if not impossible for any other elevator service company to obtain replacement parts, proprietary tools, technical manuals, training, etc.  With Empire Elevator Co., Inc., you will never have this problem.

Best of Breed.  No one company can truly lay claim to making all of the finest available components that make up a complete elevator system.  One company may make the very best machine available but their control system isn't as good as another company's.  Yet another will make an unsurpassed roller guide assembly and on and on.  Empire Elevator Co., Inc., has the advantage of being able to pick and choose the subcomponents that make up an elevator system.  As a firm entirely focused on quality, we believe it is worth the extra cost occasioned by choosing only the best.

Customization.  The international elevator companies all have their standard catalog of elevator models & sizes and are typically limited to providing those products.  If your new facility or existing one requires an elevator of a different dimensional layout, they may not be able to help you.  Often new or existing structural building design features preclude the use of these "pre-engineered" elevator sizes.  That's not a problem for Empire Elevator Co., Inc.  We will design, engineer, build and install elevators that will fit your unique design needs. 

Engineering.  Every job we do is custom engineered to assure the proper fit, structural integrity, and code compliance.  Owners, architects and general contractors are all too familiar with the typical, "pre-engineered" layouts provided by the international elevator companies.  These "cookie cutter" drawings are often fill-in-the-blank forms, filed in by who-knows-who.  The rectangle shown for a machine room may show no resemblance to the actual room to be provided.  You won't find this with Empire Elevator Co., Inc.  Our layout shop drawings are custom drawn and plotted to scale for each job.  They include a level of design detail rarely provided by the competition.  Most include full California licensed structural engineering review with wet signed stamp and supporting calculations.  Wouldn't you want your elevator system, as a major Life Safety feature of your building, to be thoroughly and professionally engineered? 

If you've got a project in need of a quality and possibly unique elevator solution, give us the professionals of Empire Elevator Co., Inc. a call.


    Sample Installation & New Construction Projects

By way of example, feel free to review a few of our sample installation projects listed below (click on the picture or text to open page):


    730 Powell St., San Francisco, CA
Empire Elevator Co., Inc. completed this total elevator replacement in 2004.  We removed an early 20th century swing door basement winding drum and installed in its place a new Canton/ Bucher cantilevered holeless, roped hydraulic passenger elevator with power operated, side sliding entrances. 

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